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Ethan Bearman4 hours ago
Saturday evening, September 21st in Los Angeles, and this is what my kids demanded we watch!
Ethan Bearman5 hours ago
Still chuckling about this…
Ethan Bearman3 days ago
Trump is going to tackle California’s homeless crisis? I doubt it as the HUD Secretary doesn’t even have a handle on the facts. From last night’s appearance on @foxnewsnight @shannonbream @nextrevfnc #California #HomelessCrisis #television #foxnews #trump #factsmatter
The Ethan Bearman Show3 days ago
Fox News at Night with host Shannon Bream invited me back on Wednesday, September 18, 2019 opposite Fox News Channel’s The Next Revolution host …
Ethan Bearman4 days ago
My Instagram Live video from yesterday is now up on my YouTube Channel – link in bio. Still working to get it on IG TV!
The Ethan Bearman Show4 days ago
Instagram Live with interaction from September 16, 2019 discussing California SB276 and SB714, parental rights, pediatricians, and the Constitutional …
Ethan Bearman4 days ago
This is really bad news as California is the leader for automobile efficiency standards. From the Union of Concerned Scientists: Poor air quality increases respiratory ailments like asthma and bronchitis, heightens the risk of life-threatening conditions like cancer, and burdens our health care system with…
The Ethan Bearman Show1 week ago
Fox Business Channel’s Making Money with Charles Payne invited me back on Friday, September 13, 2019 alongside Campus Reform’s Emma Meshell.

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