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Attorney Ethan Bearman is a renowned talk radio host, television analyst, author/writer, and speaker.

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Ethan Bearman, Esq.8 minutes ago
Ethan Bearman, Esq.16 minutes ago
I’m going to debate tomorrow night’s “debate” – is it really going to be a debate? On Fox Business with @TeamCavuto alongside @liligil at about 12:05pm ET/11:05am CT/9:05am Pacific time. #Election2020 #BidenHarrisToSaveAmerica
The Ethan Bearman Show2 weeks ago
With the President and at least two Republican members of the Senate Judiciary Committee testing positive for COVID-19, will the SCOTUS nominee Amy …
The Ethan Bearman Show2 weeks ago
President Donald Trump tested positive for COVID-19. Democratic candidate VP Joe Biden cut back on his ads. Naturally the right attacks Joe for doing the right …
The Ethan Bearman Show3 weeks ago
The New York Times released Trump’s taxes on Sunday with a second story dropped right before we went on-air. Is he a bank or tax fraud who is …
Ethan Bearman
Ethan Bearman2 months ago

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Ethan Bearman
Ethan Bearman5 months ago

Please follow me on Twitter @EthanBearman – am ceasing all Facebook activity as of now.

Ethan Bearman
Ethan Bearman5 months ago

Racism is real.

Racism is systemic.

Racism is oppression.

Racism is violence.

Racism is wrong.

Racism is taught.

Racism is generations of wealth built on the backs…

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