Ethan Bearman

Attorney Ethan Bearman is a renowned talk radio host, television analyst, author/writer, and speaker.

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Ethan Bearman2 hours ago
The rates of missing person cases in the American Indian and Alaska Native communities are disproportionate, alarming, and unacceptable. But I believe we are at an inflection point. We have a @POTUS @VP and an administration who see us. And we can’t turn back. #MMIP
The Ethan Bearman Show7 months ago
With the President and at least two Republican members of the Senate Judiciary Committee testing positive for COVID-19, will the SCOTUS nominee Amy …
The Ethan Bearman Show7 months ago
President Donald Trump tested positive for COVID-19. Democratic candidate VP Joe Biden cut back on his ads. Naturally the right attacks Joe for doing the right …
The Ethan Bearman Show7 months ago
The New York Times released Trump’s taxes on Sunday with a second story dropped right before we went on-air. Is he a bank or tax fraud who is …

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