Ethan is the California liberal who connects with millions of viewers and listeners several times per week. He reaches across the aisle and communicates not just with those who agree with him, and more importantly now more than ever he works with people who have divergent views.

In his speech TALK!: Connecting When Controversy Reigns – he’s taken his years of experience in media, business, and life and shares them in a joyful, fun, and informative session with actionable takeaways on how we all, or almost all, can productively talk with one another.

Ethan is also available to discuss politics, the media, and the current state we’re in. And, he has a Republican friend who is happy to participate in a discussion/debate when politics is the word of the day.

This discussion can be in an small group, on stage to a business conference, an association meeting, a non-profit fundraiser, or as an MC for an event. Ethan has spoken in many environments and is confortable in just about any setting.

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