Group Of Silicon Valley Geniuses Gather to Tackle Trump in 2020

Non-partisan Hometown Values PAC to use future-edge neuromarketing techniques in swing states to remind Trump voters of the values he’s rejected

SAN FRANCISCO November 18, 2019

Upending the political establishment, a group of Silicon Valley geniuses have founded Hometown Values PAC. They are compelled to remind swing state voters that the United States core values of Barnraising, Humility, and Family have all been trampled by President Donald J. Trump.

While Donald Trump is raising over $100 million per quarter for digital marketing in his re-election effort, Hometown Values PAC will counter Trump using future-edge neuromarketing and neural imprinting techniques in advertising.

Founded by digital marketer and entrepreneur, Xavier Helgeson, Hometown Values PAC’s core team includes top global neuromarketer Maya Bourdeau, tech and biomedical sales leader Grady Hannah, digital strategist and pollster for President Obama David Goldstein, and political analyst and attorney Ethan Bearman. Their diverse strengths have come together in their opposition to President Trump.

Hometown Values PAC saw a gap in leveraging the significant, proven, power of neural imprinting among the anti-Trump forces amassing for the 2020 election. They are raising funds to bring all of that power to bear down in campaigns to voters in the key swing states of Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Florida. More swing states will be targeted as fundraising allows.

The website for Hometown Values PAC is

For more information, please contact Ethan Bearman at ethan at

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